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Celebrity Testimonials

August 1, 2001


To my dear friend Shawn and the talented artisans at "West Coast"

I never imagined being able to afford the super high grade, show quality paint finish I received from your facility. The West Coast reputation is legendary to me. I've been familiar with your finished product in the past and my 1966 Thunderbird has surpassed it. I'm very thankful and grateful for having chosen the very capable and creative staff at "West Coast." I look forward to purchasing more vintage cars in need of your TLC!

Best Regards,

Steve Conti


April 9, 2001

Dear Shawn,

Your shop did a beautiful job in restoring my little red Ford Festiva. The right side looks brand new, and the little car runs as tight as ever. I am really pleased to regain the use of the car, which after the accident seemed doubtful.
Thank you for the skilled work and for taking the trouble to locate economical used parts. You treated me very resonable in terms of price. It was great pleasure to do business with you.


Tom Crouch



I can't thank you enough for such a fantastic job that was done on my car. I'm especially grateful for how the bumper looks! I still can't believe it's my car, it sure makes a difference. 

Thank you,


August 24, 2011


Estimates I got, came in from $2500- over $5000 which was expected.  I read the reviews on Yelp and decided to check out California West Coast.  I talked to Carl and he gave me a tour of the shop as well as an estimate of what it would cost to paint pretty much the whole car with a match to the original silver paint.  I decided to go with these guys because of the reviews on Yelp as well as the fact that they had several cars in various stages of being prepped and painted-- among them a number of classic Mercedes and Mustangs, not just newer insurance cases.  Carl gave me a price and a time frame and the car was ready when promised.  I talked to Oscar while he had the car stripped to the metal and sanded and he had no problem showing me the process my car was going through.  He was very helpful.  The paint came out better than expected.  It was a two-stage paint and clear coat and the total was as quoted-- no extra charges.  They did a phenomenal job and so far, the paint looks amazing.  Everyone from Carl to Shawn and Oscar were great to deal with.  No hassle and I didn't feel like I was buying a used car.  I'm planning to bring my '88 Saab SPG to them in a few months.  Thanx guys.

Eric W.

August 17, 2011

The Narrative:


I recently won a police package Chevy Tahoe in a public surplus auction and it had your standard black and white paint job, so in order to keep the LAPD off my back I needed to get the four white doors and white roof painted black.  After calling a few paint and body shops that only do paint if they're also doing bodywork, someone finally recommended California West Coast to me.

The Sale:  4 Stars.

Marc was my sales guy. He was extremely friendly and very disarming.  So disarming, in fact, that he'd be able to manipulate someone like me much more easily than your average high pressure sales person in the auto sales/repair industry.  In the end I felt like I got a decent price but I'm sure I could have haggled for a better deal.

The Product: 4.5 Stars.

The paint match was *perfect*. 5 stars
All dents fully repaired. 5 stars
The sand and polish job was a great recommendation and it made the truck look like new.  5 stars
The paint job itself was professional looking but definitely not factory perfect. 4 stars
2-year guarantee. 3 stars

The Price: 4 stars.

I think I got a good deal.  I had the feeling that I could have gotten the same job for a little less. I also had the impression that Marc wasn't about to be honest about how low he'd go.  This means that as far as repair shop culture goes, this place respects their customers but they have no interest in getting their customers the best deal in town.

Quee G.

June 28, 2009

I can't believe I'm the first person on Yelp to write a review for CA West Coast.

I bought a 1970's classic muscle car when I first moved back to LA ('74 AMC Javelin). A few years ago, I needed to have my engine rebuilt. The guy who started the job scammed me, and let my car sit on his lot for a long time. I'd always taken great care of her. So I was shocked to find out that he let her sit, uncovered, exposed to rain, dust, etc. AND with the hood off!

Unfortunately, this caused some rust spots and damage to the paint. The guy agreed to take the car to a local body shop to repair the damage. However, after he dropped the car off, he disappeared. So I was stuck paying for the repairs. Lucky for me, the shop was CA West Coast.

Once I started dealing with Shawn, the manager, my mind was at ease. We agreed on a price to fix the rust spots and repaint the car. I also decided to change the color from white to black. This meant a bit more work, since they needed to repaint the entire car, and not just touch up the damaged areas.

When it was finished, I have to say, I was blown away. They did an incredible job. Even better than I expected. The car is so gorgeous, everybody that sees her comments on how sweet she is.

I felt like their prices were fair, they did great work and were easy to deal with. I used to use another shop before this, but I'm so happy with their work, I'd definitely take her back to CA West Coast again.

Edited to add: While they were working on the Javelin, I brought my Mini Cooper in to repair the damage done to my driver's side door by some idiot in a parking lot. No, I didn't see who did it. No, they didn't leave a note. Asshole. Thank god I have full coverage on my auto policy. Shawn took care of it. He also repaired a small scrape on the front end (once again, done by some idiot backing into me who didn't leave a note), which he was able to work into the insurance. The only thing I had to pay for was my deductible. Gotta love it.



Michelle R.


Feb 4th 2013

This is to thank you and your crew for the fine work done on my "old" corvette. Thanks to everyone's efforts, it looks "new" again. I really appreciate the time you took to make sure the job was done properly.  I also appreciate your suggestions on the trim removal and molding refinishing in order to achieve the best results. The final detailing on the interior and under the hood really added the "Wow" factor when I picked the car up. 

The pictures taken during the entire process are great. Please feel free to use me as a reference when you have future prospective Corvette customers. I will definitely recommend West Coast when I can. 

Jim R.




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December 26th 2013



Wow--Excellent Work! & well attention to detail. I'm impressed and I'll referred you to my mechanic's daughter, Marilyn.


See you again,

Laini Carter

Satisfied Customer




March 16th 2014
Dear Sean, Mike, Sonia & staff.
Thank You again for the nice job on my Lexus.
Happy Spring,
Michelle & Family
May 19th 2014
Thank you so much for the courtesy you extended to me today and the terrific job by your employees.  The kind gentleman who gave me a ride home and the people gave me a new lovely paint-job with sparkles.
Thank You Very Much,
Lynette Luke

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